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The Journey to Cartwright

The Spark

When we decided to join some dear friends on a beach getaway and leave the kids at home, we not only enjoyed some much-needed relaxation and introspection, but we also engaged in deep conversations with our friends. We commiserated about the struggles we face as working parents and what we can do to improve the lives of those we care about. These rambling conversations, with piña coladas in hand, got us thinking…

"What if..."

What if my nosy coworker got a glimpse of my prescription bottle in my desk drawer? What if our kids got their hands on our CBD gummies? What if our friends’ cleaning help decided to help herself to his heirloom watch on his dresser or her expensive eye cream on her bathroom counter?

What if...we all had somewhere to store our private, valuable, sensitive items? Some place that’s not a zip-lock bag, but rather a mini tote that locks and looks as chic as the handbag or briefcase it’s stored in, where we could safely secure some personal items and not have to worry about them?

But where could we find such a smart, stylish, little privacy accessory?

Defining the concept

Upon returning from vacation, the idea continued to ruminate in our minds. And over the ensuing months we found time and again situations when this privacy bag would have been a lifesaver…. That’s when we embarked on our mission to create this perfect little privacy accessory ourselves.

It took a full year of research, of talking to people and asking what is most important to them in such a bag. What are the must-have features? What’s the desired size and shape? What’s a reasonable price point? Finally, we had a clear picture of exactly what we wanted to create.

Designing the bag

We officially entered the design phase in late 2018 and were lucky to find some amazing young designers who shared our passion for this project. Their input was invaluable in what we’ve created.

We decided on a construction of strong ballistic nylon, finished with lush genuine leather, and secured with a nickel alloy lock. The bag we designed was true to our original vision: private, secure, and oh-so stylish!

The Cartwright Bag is born

Prototyping began in early 2019, and throughout the spring we were busy obsessively tweaking and perfecting our concept.

Over the summer we worked with manufacturers ensuring quality control. We also considered collaborating with expensive marketing agencies, but ultimately, we walked away from those Madison Avenuers. We decided the best path to putting our story out there was to put pen to paper, tell it in our own words, and hope that it resonates with a few of you out there. That’s just what you’re reading here.

The Launch

We proudly debuted The Cartwright Bag for you on our website and social media channels. Orders are being placed. And we are embarking on the next phase of our journey. 

Be apart of the next big moment...

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