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Cartwright-What's in a name?

cartwright - NOUN

  • a tradesperson skilled in the making of carts and wagons
  • Back in the day when Main Streets were peppered with shops of blacksmiths, millers, and cobblers, and hitching posts where found where parking spots now sit, commerce relied on the humble cart.  

    The economic growth engines of the bronze age, the iron age, and the industrial revolution relied on the transport of goods powered in large part by the use of horse-drawn wagons.  The age of enlightenment, which spawned by the exchange of ideas between peoples who lived continents apart, would not have been possible without this simple, yet powerful, invention.

    The cartwrights, who designed and built these wonders, were found in every city.  Royal households often had full-time cartwrights on staff to repair their fleet of wagons. These skilled craftsmen took pride in their work.  The mark of a great cartwright was in leaving nothing to hazard, and engineering with the utmost care.

    Today, we have electric cars and 18-wheelers.  Gone are the days of horse-drawn carriages and their architects.  Yet some things remain the same.  As back then, not all things are carried on wheels.  Then, as now, we have pockets and carrying bags.  We have small things that we bring with us as we navigate our daily lives.  

    It is in this timeless tradition that we have created the Cartwright bag.  Our design harkens back to the age of enlightenment with its classic lines and speaks to the lineage of the bronze age with our alloy lock.  Like the artisans before us, we leave nothing to hazard and engineer with the utmost care.  We are Cartwright.