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The Many Uses of Our Chic Lockable Privacy Bags

Going on a short trip after remaining cooped up at home for months because of COVID-19? Or simply going back to work? Whatever the case may be, don’t forget to get our locking bags for travel before you leave!

What makes our bags so special and necessary? Well, for starters, you need an arsenal of face masks, sanitizers, and gloves now whenever you venture out. So, why not have an extremely fashionable accessory to store such essentials? Our collection looks pretty when carried around as a clutch. Moreover, it’s not just a statement-making accessory; you can easily keep your cash, valuables, meds, jewelry, and your cards inside. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your stuff anymore and baggy pockets will be a thing of the past.

We know the struggle of having to rummage through your tote for your keys or make-up. But when you have a lockable bag by your side, you can save yourself from the hassle and keep everything organized.

Moreover, if your child goes through your purse every now and then, this option is all the more convenient as it can be locked up when not in use. This makes our lockable privacy bags perfect for storing medicines at home, away from the reach of your curious kids!

If you have a carry-on bag with you while traveling by air, make sure that you have this locking bag for travel too. Our bags are spacious, sturdy, and can be taken around the world as a stand-alone purse, or slipped into your sling bag or purse. It will ensure that your valuables don’t get stolen or misplaced amid the pandemonium at the airport security. This is a must-have for long-haul flights, especially if you will be storing your carry-on in the overhead bins. You can slip out your little bag for meds or cash whenever you want, or simply have it on you at all times.

Safety of valuables is a very common concern among travelers. Our bags have our signature drop lock with a two-digit combination code will ensure that no stranger gets their hands on the contents of your bag. Water-resistant, elegantly handcrafted with attention to detail, and available in multiple sizes and unisex styles, you are sure to find one that matches your style and needs. It’s perfect for the red carpet as well as the airport runway!

Whether you need to store make-up, jewelry, valuables, documents, medicine, or some cash, you can stow them away in style in lockable bags from the house of Cartwright. What’s more, there are also personalization options available on our website. Browse through our collection today