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"The Things We Carry"

We asked, you answered.  Here are the things Cartwright lovers are carrying in their Clams, Bricks, and Minis.   What will you carry in yours?

Sophie's Choice - Medicine

Ah the ubiquitous orange prescription bottle.  Yes they are childproof, we like that, but oh boy are they an eyesore. Does everyone really need to know that we are dealing with a persistent rash, or have to carry around migraine pills just to get through the day?  Our customer Sophie doesn’t think so, she tucks her prescriptions into her Clam, clicks the lock shut, and at work nobody is the wiser.  “I like knowing that when I’m on the train or when I step away from my desk that no one can snoop my stuff.” -Sophie C. 

Glad we can give you one less stress to worry about Sophie, maybe you won’t need those migraine pills after all.

Coco for CeeCee – Make-up

In the world of luxury skin care the sky’s the limit as designers top one another for the most expensive face cream (yes we are talking to you Cle De Peau).  Well you don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on our handy solution to the make-up bandits.  As CeeCee told us, “I originally bought the Cartwright to keep my daughter from wasting my daily regimen, but I also use it on trips just to make sure the hotel’s cleaning staff doesn’t steal a dab.  Call me paranoid but it was always in the back of my mind.” 

We’ll call you cautious, CeeCee, and smart.

What the Hector is cannabidiol??? – CBD Oil

CBD is in everything these days - chocolates, drops, mints, & oils just to name a few.  But is it safe around our children and pets?  That was the concern that prompted Hector to give our Mini a try.  “I use CBD regularly and my wife wasn’t comfortable having the cartridges around with our kids running everywhere. I kept them in the medicine cabinet but it wasn’t convenient to carry around safely so she bought me a Mini. Now I can leave it in my car, jacket, or even on the kitchen counter and she’s cool.”  

Safety and peace of mind, cool indeed Hector.

George Costanza would LOVE this – ‘An organizer, a secretary, and a friend’

Sometimes we just need a small bag for an ID, credit card, and bit of cash.  The Mini is perfect for those occasions.  It fits in a coat pocket and can act as a versatile wallet.  However, if you’re anything like Seinfeld’s George Costanza and need something to fit receipts, business cards, and the rest of your worldly possessions, the Mini’s got you covered there as well.  We designed it to be a go anywhere - take anything accessory, and we sized it just so.

As Costanza famously said, “Important things go in a case!” We couldn’t agree with you more George, and our lockable Mini keeps those important things safe. Just leave the ‘Irish money’ and ‘Sweet n’ Low’ at home please.