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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the lock combination?

Rotate the lock dials to 0-0.  Hold the button down and rotate the dials to your desired combination and then release the button.  

How do I open the signature lock?

The lock is present to 0-0. To open the lock, rotate the dials to 0-0. Slide the button down to release the zipper pull. Remove the zipper pull from the lock. 

What is the lock preset to?

The lock is present to 0-0. 

Does Cartwright have a sustainability plan?

Yes. We are a new company but we are committed from day one to worker wellbeing and environmental stewardship, today and in the future. Our Societal, Environmental, and Sustainability Action Plan (SESAP) includes the following:

1. 85% Post-consumer packaging with a goal of 100% 

2. Suppliers must meet the strictest local and regional regulations regarding waste recycling and workplace safety standards.

3. Committed to using sustainable materials in new products and packaging with an emphasis on PET recyclable plastic bottles where available.

4. Working to reduce our carbon footprint, being energy conscious when factoring shipping and supply chain.

5.Commitment to corporate giving at the local level – current recipient Grace’s CLOSET

6. SESAP plan reviewed and updated annually so we can continually drive the conversation forward.